Patent Firm UNITE® successfully registered the trademark in Russia BUBBLE WAFFLE®


Russian patent office previously refused to register the trade mark BUBBLE WAFFLE® . Patent Attorney of Patent company UNITE®  has successfully overcome the denial of registration of the trade mark.

In the interests of his client, Patent Firm UNITE®  the Madrid system of international registration of marks registered in the territory of Russia trademark (logo) BUBBLE WAFFLE® (Ukraine).

Trade mark (name and logo) are registered in Russia for 30 classes of goods and services for the 43 class.

Number of the international registration of the trade mark BUBBLE WAFFLE® № 1264413, priority date 11/20/2014 International, Ukraine Application number m 2014 16624.

Registration date in the WIPO (Geneva) 05.05.2015.

Date of adoption of the decision on registration of the mark Russian patent office in Russia 13.09.2016, the date of the official publication of the registration BUBBLE WAFFLE® trademark in Russia 06.10.2016.

Exclusive rights to the trademark and logo BUBBLE WAFFLE® on the territory of Russia and other countries of the world belong to a natural person - a resident of Ukraine.

Illegal use of a trademark, the logo and the name BUBBLE WAFFLE® is a violation of human rights and is punishable by international law and the laws of the countries in which the trade mark is registered or in the process of registration.

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Detailed information in Russian about the procedure and about the registration of the trade mark BUBBLE WAFFLE® in Russian here


Patent Attorney

Sukharev Stanislav

Patent Firm UNITE®