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Patent Agency “UNITE” has conducted business in the area of intellectual property within the territory of Ukraine since 1993. The Patent Agency “UNITE” office is located in the capital of Ukraine – KievThe Patent Agency “UNITE” staff, patent attorneys of Ukraine and trademark lawyers represent the brand owners and trademark applicants, patents for inventions (utility models), design patents within the territory of Ukraine if front of the Patent Authority of Ukraine, State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine, Ukrainian courts, Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine, State Customs Service of Ukraine (register of intellectual property objects). 

Patent Agency “UNITE” (Patent Attorneys of Ukraine) has rendered the services for the customers concerning:

In Ukraine Patent Agency "UNITE" and patent attorneys represent clients in Ukraine from Europe, USA, Russia, China, Cebtral Asia and the Caucasus.

Patent Agency “UNITE” has established contacts and collaborated with the patent attorneys, patent advocates and patent agencies of the European Union (Munich, Germany), USA (New York), China (Beijing), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg), India, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Poland.

Patent Agency “UNITE” offers the customers a professional assistance in the areas:

1. Acquisition of intellectual property rights in Ukraine

1.1. search, registration, trademark rights protection;

1.2. search, patent application, patent acquisition, copyright to invention protection;

1.3. implementation upon the national phase of Ukraine the PCT patent applications;

1.4. search, patent application, utility model copyright protection;

1.5. search, patent application, patent acquisition, industrial design copyright protection;

1.6. state registration and copyright object protection.

2. Disposition of intellectual property items of Ukraine rights

2.1. trademark licenses, trademark transfer of rights;

2.2. licenses for patents, transfer of rights for patents (inventions, utility models, industrial designs);

2.3. copyright object licenses; alienation (transfer of rights) of copyright objects;

2.4. goodwill and intellectual property items assessment;

2.5. introduction of alterations into existing trademark certificates, patents;

2.6. Ukrainian trademarks and patents extension.

3. Intellectual property copyright protection in Ukraine

3.1. monitoring of registered in Ukraine trademarks;

3.2. complaints as for the trademarks; trademark litigation;

3.3. patent claims and patent disputes; patent disputes litigation;

3.4. prejudicial complaints and negotiations concerning the trademarks, patents and copyrights.

We are ready to assist you in receiving and protecting of your rights to intellectual property items in Ukraine.

Patent Agency “UNITE” experts will provide you with professional legal aid in the area of Ukrainian legislation concerning the intellectual property – trademarks, inventions, utility models, industrial designs and copyright objects.

Besides, the Patent Agency “UNITE” experts will help you establish contacts and obtain the legal protection (registration) of your trademarks and patents in Russia,China, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus.

Patent Attorneys Patent Agency "UNITE" are high-level professionals in the field of intellectual property in Ukraine. Every patent attorney Patent Agency "UNITE" has professional knowledge and experience with respect to trademarks, inventions, utility models and industrial designs.


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