Ukrainian private enterprise Patent Agency “UNITE” was founded in 1993. The founder of Patent Agency “UNITE” is patent attorney of Ukraine Mrs. Valentina Sukhareva.

Currently the partners of Patent Agency “UNITE” are Mrs. Valentina Sukhareva (patent attorney of Ukraine), Mr. Stanislav Sukharev (patent attorney of Ukraine), Mr. Igor Rybalko (trademark agent).

The office of Patent Agency “UNITE” is situated in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. The exact office location is near the State Intellectual Service of Ukraine, State Patent Authority of Ukraine and Library Patent Holding of Ukraine.

Starting from 1993 Patent Agency “UNITE” in the best interests of its customers has successfully carried out several thousand of trademarks, patents for inventions, utility models, industrial designs, copyright items state registrations in Ukraine, Russia, China, EU member-states, USA.

Concerning the patent applications for inventions (utility models) Patent Agency “UNITE” specializes in next areas:

- chemistry;

- petrochemistry;

- microbiology;

- microbial strains;

- fertilizers;

- cellulose production;

- alcohol production;

- fermentation processes;

- wine production;

- beer production;

- yeast;

- sugar production;

- articles of food;

- power generation, measurement technology (devices of transformers, manometers, thermometers);

- heat power engineering (gas heating equipment);

- steel alloying;

- agricultural machinery;

- means of transport;

- engineering structures, furniture;

- healthcare (dentistry, therapy);

- medicinal, therapeutic and veterinary substances (preparations), nutritional supplements, cosmetic units.

Concerning the trademarks Patent Agency “UNITE” specializes in:

- trademark search (Ukraine, Russia, China, Caucasian states, Central Asian states);

- trademark registration in Ukraine;

- opposition (appeal) against the Patent Authority of Ukraine refusal to register the trademark;

- trademark registration validity prolongation in Ukraine;

- international trademark applicant’s interests representation (Madrid Agreement and Protocol) in Ukraine;

- licenses for the trademarks.

Patent Agency “UNITE” offers to their customers the professional and comprehensive assistance and services of acquisition, protection and disposition of the rights for the intellectual property items in Ukraine.

Patent Agency “UNITE” in good faith and with personal care has been treating every customer, and as a result of this long and laborious work most of Patent Agency “UNITE” customers have cooperated with us in the intellectual property area for long years since 1993.